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Laminate floor T-mold installation Perth

     T-Molds are designed to connect floating floors at doorways etc (Fig 5)
   as floating floors are meant to be compartmentised (separated into separate rooms).
                     This is so they can expand and contract without resistance.

Flooring accessories T-Mold install guide Perth

  T-Mold can also be used to join up to carpets (Fig 6).
 This is only recommended if carpets are already installed as the end-cap profile is far superior.   If installing this way we recommend you fit a smoothedge (carpet gripper) under the carpet. This will help keep the carpet in place and stop the T-mold from rocking loose.

Floor trim T-Mold install guide Perth

    T-Molds can be used to join to tiles or any similar height surface (Fig 7). 

Floor accessories / trim T-Mold install guide Perth

        For 7/8mm floors we recommend gluing the T-mold directly to the floor.
For thicker floors we recommend gluing the PVC track first (not PU glue) and pushing the mold into place.

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