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Perth Laminate flooring FAQ

Why buy from us

Our online/sales returns policy

  If you are unhappy with our stock products for any reason or perhaps have just changed your mind/colour scheme return them to us for a 100% product refund. This applies to all our imported Laminates in an undamaged unopened state for a four week period.

  All our laminate floors are minimum AC3 light commercial heavy domestic.  We supply trims using the same decorative layers as our flooring. We also pay extra for the unilcick licence as this makes the floor more reliable and easier to install.


Delivery charge for Perth CBD is $60.00 delivered to your door step.  If you are located out of Perth CBD, please contact us regarding costs.  Free collection at arranged time from Landsdale.

Cleaning and maintenance

Use a well rung out damp cloth to clean up any dirt and footprints but avoid using excessive moisture.  All spills should be cleaned up immediately.  Never use wax, polish or scouring agents as they may dull or distort the finish.  You can use acetone or a cleaner specially formulated for laminate to remove stubborn marks.  To avoid scratches apply felt pads to your furniture legs and use only soft rubber casters.  Protect high traffic areas with runners and rugs.  It's a good idea to save a few boards in case of accidental damage.  Boards can be replaced if damaged.

Which underlay ?

  Floating floors are just that  - floating on an underlay - not fixed and can have a hollow sound.  This noise can be reduced by using a quality underlay.  All our underlays are accoustic and will vastly reduce this noise.  The better the underlay the less noise.  If you have been offered a free underlay the chances are it has very low accoustic values.

               Three of the many reasons for choosing Classen Laminate flooring

                                    1) Made in Germany,  2) Isowax,  3) Megaloc 

Isowaxx - For your added insurance against small spills from above

Megaloc:- Simply the easiest system for installing Laminate flooring

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