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Perth laminate floor end cap installation

    For new installations it is better to fit the floating floor before the carpet (Fig 8).
    The best way to finish the floating floor where it will join carpet is to fit an end-cap.
               The carpet layer can then fit up to the floor leaving a good looking finish.
                             For 7/8mm floors glue the end-cap directly to the floor.

End cap floor accessories install guide Perth

 For 12/14mm floors glue the end-cap and spacer to the floor (Fig 9). 

End cap floor trims install guide Perth

   For a more professional finish to higher wood floors we recommend a ramp under the carpet (Fig 10). 

End cap floor trim/accessories install guide Perth

 End-caps can leave a professional finish to any surface where the floating floor is higher than the surface it joins to. Tip for laying floors and trims! Always check the trims fit properly and you are leaving the correct spacing before cutting the floor boards.

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